Diamond earrings with 112 round brilliant diamonds 1.42 carat in 18k gold, white.

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Diamond necklace with 122 round brilliant diamonds 1.08 carat and 9 Rose Cut Diamond 0.56 carat in 18k gold, white.

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Pink sapphire diamond earrings with 16 pear pink sapphires 1.70 carat and 40 round brilliant diamonds 1.54 carat in 18k gold, white.

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Diamond bangle with 5 princess cut diamonds 1.03 carat in 18k gold, white.

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Diamond bracelet scintillating with 25 round brilliant diamonds 0.8 carat in 18k gold, white.

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Dimond necklace with 51 round brilliant diamonds 1.50 carat in 18k gold, white.

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Diamond bangle with 78 princess cut diamonds 1.92 carat in 18k gold, white.

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What do #WomenofTSL say?


Belle of TSL

Glam up My photoshoot

I encountered The Sample Line on Instagram and I'm hooked ever since! I could get a new jewellery design every month for my photoshoot for my socials.




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Belle of TSL

Dinner Date

It’s true when they said diamonds are a girls best friend! I love to enjoy the luxury things in life and I love to wear different jewellery for different dinner dates! 




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Woman of TSL

Support Sustainability Mission

The Sample Line's mission is In line with my commitment to reduce waste and live a more aware and sustainable life- I've subscribed to my beloved girlfriend's mission and loving it ever since.



Serena Adsit

Celeste Chua 2_edited.jpg

Belle of TSL

Broaden my Jewellery Collection

Sometimes I get troubled by the limitation of my own jewellery collection to match my clothings. I love how The Sample Line has 1000+ jewellery design for me to choose from to match my everyday outfit, whether it is to work, to lunch or to parties!




BeautyPlus_20210815075203113_save - Meena Bennett.jpg

Belle of TSL

Business Lunch

I have known the brand for many years. When The Sample Line has launched, I didn't hesitate to subscribe and support the sustainability mission.  It is perfect for brunch , sunset cocktail parties or dinners. I did not pay thousands of dollars for it but a fraction of its price.



Meena Bennett


Belle of TSL

Instagram Session with Friends

During live or zoom session where I need to look good for my job, or my studies, I love to wear different jewellery to gist up my look-of-the-day. 




How It Works

1. Select your Masterpiece  
2. Deliver to your door step
3. Choose a new piece for next month!

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